23. Avid journal-er, knitter, sewer, bicyclist, reader, and crazy cat lady. Currently living in Ohio. Cook, baker, pizza maker, sometimes model, and expert pothole evader. I like falling snow, midnight paddles, whiskers, making things, plants, sharp cutlery, tea, hookah, and being human.

Apr 14

Feel good.

I love the first bit.
The last dying goose part is skipped. All the time.


Gambino though.
Yeah Shann.

Apr 7



If I see a cute person at the grocery store I always look into their trolley to see if they could be veg. Anyone else do that?

I do this with people who have kids haha, potential friends :)

I just thought of something- I know you and Havocados are very liberal in your religious veiws, but give my idea a chance. So I’ve been a member of a Univeral Unitarian congregation, and I have to say I met some of the most like-minded people, ethically, morally. Most are extremely open minded, and many had a lot of different diets; I knew two whole families who were completely gluten free. Many vegetarians, a couple that only ate raw foods, many concerned with eating all local organic food, at least half the members even producing their own food/building their own houses/rescuing animals. Yeah I’ve never come across a more well rounded group of people, so I would highly recommend looking into a local UU congregation- you never know what you may find. Granted, each congregation can be a bit different; I may have gotten lucky with the one I went to. Website for anyone interested-

Apr 5

Flopsy is the fucking tits.

We took her on her first bike ride the other day when we had 60° temperatures.

She sat in the crate with her nose in the air the entire time.

Most people we passed loved seeing her.

Mar 31

Made a new sweater for the pup.

We decided that Mocha is really a 4th dimension animal, and that she was slipping back into our dimension while I was snapping this picture.

The dying throws of winter.

Birthday. Hookah, tea, beer, Phil, an orchid Kimmy gave me.

It was a simple day- one of my better birthdays.



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